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On this site you will find, motivation, inspirational, spirit, body and mind titles written by author Ella patterson. To date, Ella Patterson has written seven (7) books. Three (3) of her books focus on female empowerment, one (1) helps women improve their relationships and three (3) cover female sexuality in detail. 

Ella promotes women empowerment 365 days of the year. She shakes off the nay sayers and helps women celebrate their womanhood with books that tap into the core of being a woman. Order your books today


Moving in the Right Direction - Ella Patterson


1001 Reasons to Think Positive! - Ella Patterson


Pampering Pleasures - Ella Patterson

(Motivational Book)

A Woman's Guide to Moving in The Right Direction

In this motivational book Ella explains how her life now is all she’s ever needed, but it hasn’t always been what she wanted. Ella is grateful for the opportunity to support women empowerment and do the work that she is called to do, “encouraging women to live more fulfilling lives.” In the pages that follow are powerful strategies that you can use for building a lifestyle that will make you happier, healthier, and provide you with a more resilient mindset.  Unfortunate incidents and situations in our lives can make us feel like life’s journey is not worth it. It can cause us to take risks, take the wrong road; traveling in the wrong direction most of our lives. In many respects it can throw us off course and cause us to back away, never trying to improve in certain areas of our lives. Don't get me wrong; I don't ever want to go through my bad times again, they were painful. Fortunately, I've learned that those difficult and agonizing times helped me write this book so that I could help others improve in areas where they feel weak or stuck. Order your books today.



(Inspirational Book)

1001 Reasons to Think Positive!

Here is a inspirational collection of thoughts and insights to invigorate your spirit; bolster your confidence; and help you achieve happiness, success, and peace of mind. Simple and direct, Ella Patterson reminds you to appreciate the little things in life while also encouraging you to seize every opportunity and strive to reach new heights. By simply changing your attitude and opening your mind, you can aim higher, dream bigger, boost your self-esteem - and, most important, change your life for the better.Order your books today.



(Mind, Body and Spirit Book)

Pampering Pleasures

Pampering pleasures fulfils a woman's mind, body and spirit with continuous forward moving improvements. Incorporating any kind of pampering pleasures into your life is the perfect way to bring self-love to the forefront. Self-pampering is stimulating, soothing, and rewarding. For many it has proven to be the do-it-yourself way for relaxation and self-care. Women want and need a guide to help them successfully navigate the unsure waters of self-love, self-care and self-pampering. We have been conditioned to think that self-love is selfish, but isn’t it just as important as self-care? I believe it is. The need to love and care for yourself is a major necessity for any woman who wants to live a successfully happy and long life. Pampering is one of the best form of female maintenance. Order your books today

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