About Ella Patterson Books

Ella Patterson Books in Desoto, Texas, publishes inspirational books for women by American author Ella Patterson. Ella is well-known for wise advice and good humor. For two decades, Ella has appeared often on TV news and talk shows. She works extensively throughout the world spreading healthy messages about love and sex, as well as doing volunteer work. She conducts women-based seminars and workshops for groups and organizations throughout the country. She has also written numerous articles and essays that have helped millions of women improve their relationships and quality of life. Her work has appeared in major newspapers, magazines, and journals, including:

• The New York Times
• The Dallas Morning News
• The St. Louis Post Dispatch
• Chicago Sun Times
• Philadelphia Enquirer
• Miami Herald
• Boston Globe
• Cosmopolitan
• Success Magazine

Brief Biography

Ella is a hard-working woman who was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois and has been living in Texas with her husband for the last 35 years. She is the Publisher of Knowledge Concepts Publishers, President and Editor-in-Chief of Global One Magazine and Publisher of Global One Travel and Automotive Newspaper in Desoto, Texas. Ella Patterson is available for media interviews, book signings, and speaking engagements. She can be reached at ellampatterson@aol.com

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