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Be more in touch with your female sexuality, and create more possibilities in your intimate lifestyle with books published at Ella Patterson Books in Desoto, Texas. Develop a deeper appreciation for your sensuality and get to kniw the pleasures that you deserve. As women we all know too well that sometimes things change - whether its good or bad ...those things that we encounter can leave a lasting impact on our lives. No matter how we try not to ask for help, we must be particularly mindful of those things that can potentially cause drama in our lives. We should be sensitive to those things that can threaten our peace of mind and joy. People impact relationships, friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members and even strangers.  These same people may have priorities and values that are different from our own and they can tremendously affect how we think, feel and behave. We must make certain that we do not threaten our own relationships from within because of our own lack of adjustment, poor priorities, absence of attention, lack of love and care or negative products and techniques. Today you start improving all areas of your relationship. Order your books today. 

Sexual Healing - Ella Patterson

(Sensuality Book)

Sexual Healing 
Women deserve sexual healing. Sexual Healing encourages women to take control of their female sexuality by enhancing and improving it. With it, women won’t have to leave their arousal and satisfaction to their partners. Most women know what they like about sex and they seek to achieve satisfaction from those things. She might even know what she wants from lovemaking, but she has to help make it happen. Every woman has the ability to turn humdrum, everyday sex into really good sex, and really good sex into outstanding sex if she works toward that goal. There’s one basic truth about good sexual healing: Women deserve it. Why? Because it can transform and heal her mind, body, and spirit. Order your book today.

Will The Real Men Please Stand Up! - Ella Patterson

(Relationship Book)

Will The Real MEN Please Stand Up 

This book is a no nonsense guide for building phenomenal long-lasting relationships. Anyone who has ever been involved in a loving relationship knows how quickly emotions can control you and how quickly things can change. I hope that couples will read this book and come to understand their own relationship problems, as weird as they may be. If a woman is going to find the man of her dreams and man intends to find the women he’s been looking for they have to do two things: (1) each has to learn as much about him or herself as they can, and (2) each has to have a good relationship with self. These two things are as vitally important to any couple if the relationship is to last.Order your book today.

Will The Real Women Please Stand Up! - Ella Patterson

(Sexuality Book)

Will The Real Women Please Stand Up (Hardback, Paperback and Audio Versions)

The more a woman enjoys sex, the more her partner will enjoy having sex with her. It’s so simple; women don't want to take control or be in control of initiating sex; they simply want to indulge in good lovemaking with the person they love. A woman believes strongly that the excitement of having sex with a man is when he takes control and pursues her in a dominating, non-controlling way. For more than a half century, Ella’s signature blend of comfort, style, and sensuality has been a source of inspiration in the homes of her family, friends, and co-workers. Now in homes across America, Ella will shares her secrets to help you create sensual atmospheres, luxurious, refreshing spaces that are as beautiful as they are practical and as distinctive as the rest of your home. This essential guide offers imaginative design, decorating tips, that any woman can call her own. The ideas offered are easy ideas exclusively for the sensuous woman. Order your book today.

Will The Real Women Please Stand Up! - Ella Patterson 


 (Sexuality Book)

  Heated Pleasures 

  Heated Pleasures provides information that helps you understand female sexuality better. It’s fun, written in an easy-to-read,  easy-to-follow style, and endorsed by women who believe in these particular methods. It's rare to find a book such as this one—one that provides quality advice on how to incorporate sensual pleasures into your relationship. Included are topics on sensuality, sexuality, sex, self-esteem, personal appearance, sex talk, sex games, sexual hope chest, sex toys, sexual lubricants, safe sex habits, and much more. There’s also advice and sexual exercises that will help women achieve heightened intimate pleasure, so that they can gain greater levels of sexual confidence. Order your book today.

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